Forest Giant is brewing something spectacular in time for MCN 2016: The Human-Centered Museum. Made up of a collection of sensors, lights, microcontrollers and computers, The Magic Forest is a stunning interactive exhibit you won't forget. 

Join us in New Orleans this November for a truly hands-on interactive experience. Get ready to see, hear, and feel the power of Otis!

by the numbers

11 Servos
8 Arduinos
7 Raspberry Pis
56 NeoPixels
1 Mac Mini
1 Leap Motion controller
...and 75 feet of fiber optic cable!


Turn a physical place into a digital space.

Create and manage custom interactive digital experiences using connected devices and applications, bringing the Internet of Things together on a single network. 



It can be costly to set up interactive experiences. With Otis, you create connections that can be used in multi-purposed content and customized to your liking, saving valuable time and money in the long-term.


Put yourself in the driver's seat and control your experience with Otis XCS. Customize an experience by changing lights, sounds, displays, content, sensors and more, all through an intuitive admin dashboard.

customer service

With Otis, you'll get access to the Forest Giant team. With over 12 years of experience in strategy, design and development, Forest Giant provides an unmatched level of service and quality to ensure your experience thrives.

Let curiosity get the best of you.


Learn more about Otis and The Magic Forest during the MCN 2016 conference. Use the form below to let us know you're interested in chatting - we'd love to give you an up-close, hands-on look at The Magic Forest and the platform powering the magic. We'll see you soon!

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