Introducing Stela & Iris

For over a year and a half, we've been diligently working on a new platform, Otis, to pioneer the growing segment of edge computing. Otis enables hardware and software to be connected, communicable, and controlled within a distributed ecosystem - all without reliance on the cloud.

Otis was born from the realization that, having developed connected environments for a number of clients, many of those environments shared the same challenges. Issues inherent to cloud computing such as data security, operational inefficiency, and data storage were significantly reduced or downright eliminated after making the move to the edge, which is why we’d like to offer this solution to the world.

Part of our mission to further the use of edge computing and the prominence of connected environments is to open source Otis’ first set of core services, Stela and Iris. Starting mid-2017, Stela and Iris will be available under an Apache 2.0 license as standalone services for application developers as well as a joint solution under the Otis umbrella. We’re excited to share them with you!


Stela powers service discovery.

In an environment with numerous services running on multiple machines, it discovers other Stela instances along with their own dependent services.

Stela provides developers with an easy way to identify services running on a local network.


Iris facilitates communication.

It provides an easy mechanism for developers to communicate state and control between applications by acting as a key-value store service.

Iris enables developers to associate data with a name, then share it across connected devices.

We hope the development of Stela and Iris will help developers kickstart the creation of their own connected environments and interactive installations. Stay updated on our work by signing up for updates, starring Otis on GitHub, or following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We believe the future lies in edge computing.

Will you join us?