Introducing Otis

Take control of any experience. Otis is an Experience Control System (XCS) that allows users to easily create, manage, and update interactive installations. Through a centralized admin dashboard, technical and non-technical users alike can take the reigns of their interactive installations in order to change content, swap out applications, and create incredible digital experiences across their facility.

How It Works

The Otis platform is composed of a set of microservices that enables users to quickly and easily load custom applications to installations located throughout a facility in real-time. Additionally, Otis offers an intuitive content management system so users can change messaging and media within their applications, which can then be deployed on any Otis-connected installation.

This powerful system provides users the freedom and flexibility to manage interactive installations in any way they see fit. To learn more visit our page on How It Works.

Features & Benefits

Otis streamlines the creation of new installations and simplifies the management of installation applications on a day-to-day basis.

Centralized Administration

Otis' admin dashboard acts as a command center, offering users the opportunity to deploy applications across a network of installations from a central location. Whether you have one installation with three displays or thirty installations with hundreds of connected displays and devices, Otis provides simple management of your facility’s experience on a clean, intuitive dashboard.

Real-time Communication & Data Sharing

Take your installations to new heights. Applications can share content and interact with each other using sources, creating a seamless and immersive experience. Want to set up a game where multiple users can play and engage with each other from various installation points? How about use the same greeting content across multiple installations, then swapping messaging depending on a special client? With Otis, you can!

Reliability Through Redundancy

Otis' core services work independently of each other, and multiple instances of a given service can run at any given time ensuring a stable, reliable experience control system. Since Otis is built using a set of microservices, if one microservice goes down - for instance after experiencing a hard drive failure on a storage service - the other storage services will quickly take over, keeping your experience running.

Experience Presets

For facilities with rotating exhibits and experiences, Otis' Experience Preset feature takes a significant amount of time and effort out of the installation management. Rather than manually set which applications run on specific installations each time a user needs to change an experience, Experience Presets allow a user to save an experience’s configuration for future use.

Use Cases

Otis is a powerful solution for managing interactive installations. Explore some common cases for using the Otis platform below.

Executive Briefing Centers

Impress clients and customers with an immersive experience tailored just for them. Otis provides a simple way to distribute personalized content to specific installations throughout your Executive Briefing Center (EBC), enabling briefing professionals to showcase applications, customize client greetings, or simply switch out briefing presentations with ease.

Additionally, Otis' Experience Presets can eliminate the hassle of involving IT by giving non-technical EBC professionals the ability to swap full experiences for the entire center or specific installations.

  • Personalize messaging and imagery for specific clients, events, and more
  • Save experience configurations using Experience Presets
  • Allow non-tech users to manage the system with ease

Interactive Museum Exhibits

Otis is designed with interaction in mind. Engage and delight visitors using the Helm platform to control custom interactive installations spread across a museum.

For museums with changing exhibitions, Otis makes it easy to swap out applications and content through an intuitive user interface, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to develop a new exhibit. And whenever a featured artist wants to install their own interactive software, Otis' ability to deploy 3rd party applications reduces the need for additional tech work.

  • Quickly change applications whenever a new exhibit is added
  • Load custom 3rd party applications to any installation with ease
  • Edit source content across multiple installations from one dashboard

The Otis platform gives users the power to create, manage, and modify fully immersive interactive installations in a wide variety of settings. To learn more about using Otis, visit our Use Cases page.

Interested in Otis?

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