Featured Partner: Minio

Minio is an open-source, distributed object storage server that enables application developers to build their own cloud storage. Co-founded by Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy and Garima Kapoor in 2014, Minio has seen exponential growth in the developer community with hundreds of thousands of downloads between GitHub and Docker alone.

Our team had the pleasure of meeting Minio at GopherCon 2016 in Denver, Colorado. We quickly saw the synergy between our two companies and Jesse, our CTO, started contributing to Minio’s platform.

As a distributed object storage server, Minio can provide the ability to easily store and serve files to be used throughout an Otis-based solution. While Otis today is focused on discovering devices and sharing smaller key/value pairs, Minio will be available in the future to handle larger chunks of data such as videos, images, and more.

For more on Minio, visit its website, contribute via GitHub, or hang out in its Slack community.