Otis™ is the platform for creating rich applications by allowing discovery and communication between any number of distributed devices, without the dependency of the internet or cloud.

Ranging from smart factories to corporate facilities and more, Otis enables users to create scalable, independent, and resilient distributed systems that live on the edge.


There is a big disruption on the horizon...I encourage you to get ready for one of the biggest transformations to happen on the computer landscape.
— Peter Levine, GP at Andreessen Horowitz

Through Otis, devices ranging from hardware and machinery to sensors and screens are connected and communicable within a distributed ecosystem to provide operational independence, protecting systems from occurrences such as cloud outage and security vulnerability.



Less data vulnerability due to independence from cloud communication and local data storage.



Otis is built around the unique needs of each customer's facilities and operations. 



Distributed processing between devices eliminates critical latency issues, reduces response time, conserves network resources, and increases operational uptime.



Otis' edge processing allows for near real-time analysis of data at a reduced cost compared to cloud computing.


We believe the future needs a distributed platform to build complex applications upon - and we would love to create this future with you. Starting mid-2017, Otis will be released as open source software to facilitate collaboration and innovation. Sign up to get notified when Otis is released and get ready to contribute via Github.